VISION: Groove Master is dedicated to educate and enrich people's lives in the Middle East through music.

MISSION: To support the " Public Performance Rights " and make music much more accessible and affordable throughout the MENA region by utilizing our knowledge and experience in the music industry.


A team of individuals who are passionate, experienced and well-versed in music.The musical knowledge that comes from living, breathing and thinking music is a valuable and marketable entity that our end-users will be very keen to draw upon.

Finding the right music for a specific environment can often be a daunting and exhaustive task. Our system relieves our client of the complexities of music licensing and provides the necessary hardware and software to deliver it to them hassle-free .

Being expert in the music, licensing and technological fields allows us to make realistic and manageable promises, reassuring our clients as a consequence.

Our Music is fully licensed with the legal property rights of major record labels and publishers.

Playlist Design:
The Groove-Master Content Creation team compiles tailor-made music playlists based on the fundamental characteristics and image of the brand and its locations; we analyze the demographics of the visitors – clientele and staff – in terms of ethnicity, age, gender and social status and base our song selections on these results taking special care to take into account the interior design, theme and general identity of the brand(s) in question.

Music Delivery :
Our Content Delivery team is on hand to assist our Content Creatives and customers alike and have created a system that makes the management of this music as efficient and easy-to-manage as possible. Our online music interface allows for changes in tempo, mood and feel relative to seasons, days of the week and even time of day. Likewise the hardware provided combines simplicity for the end-user with an advanced buffering system which allows for a reliable, uninterrupted online music stream direct to multiple locations as per the client’s requirements.

Music Rights :
The Groove-Master Licensing and Publishing team will ensure that all music selected by our Content Creation team is covered under a blank license which grants us access to over 2 million songs from all major and independent labels. Our association with collection societies, ensures that music royalties are paid to publishers and labels.


Music Licensing:
With an increased awareness of Intellectual Property Rights in both the public and private sectors across the MENA region, Groove Master are perfectly placed to consult on all matters relating to licensing.

Given its previously relaxed approach to the legalities of matters relating to public performance rights, we have found ourselves as one of the few operators in this market who can not only consult with clients as to their options, but can also source the relevant licenses based on their requirements, whether it be for on-line streaming, TV or radio promotion or any other commercial means.

Digital Media:
Where Groove Master’s key strengths lie is very much in our musical knowledge; not just in the music itself, but in the management, sourcing and delivery of it in its digital format.

Fully compliant with the DDEX (Digital Data Exchange) Standard, we are experts in Content Ingestion, Content Management and Content Filtering – all of which are hugely important in a market as culturally sensitive as the Middle East. Additionally, Groove Master have considerable experience in Digital Distribution, bringing the region up-to-speed with the digital revolution.

In short, we recognize the need to comply not only with the technical means by which music should be obtained and/or redistributed, but also to respect the musical wants and needs of the people in this region.

Digital Distribution:

For MENA region artists, labels and content aggregators, Groove Master provides digital distribution services. We are able to distribute your content to all of the leading digital music services across the globe so that consumers listen to the music where every they live. In addition, we help promote our client's releases to the digital music services to help get the content featured within these services. 

Content Decency Filtering :
For content companies interested in distribution their content to MENA region digital services, Groove Master provides services to verify that the content complies with the country's legal and cultural standards.  

Groove Master has a wide database of music performers, both regional and international, covering all manner of musical genres. With a combined experience of over 20 years in the industry, our consultants provide entertainers for one-off corporate gatherings, consumer events, parties and even in-house residencies.

Made up of experienced musicians in their own right, the Groove Master Live Bookings Team has the experience and versatility to bring the right act to any given occasion. Additionally, with established relationships with major record labels and publishers, Groove Master has direct access to entertainers in-demand.