Playlist Design:

The Groove-Master Content Creation team compiles tailor-made music playlists based on the fundamental characteristics and image of the brand and its locations; we analyze the demographics of the visitors – clientele and staff – in terms of ethnicity, age, gender and social status and base our song selections on these results taking special care to take into account the interior design, theme and general identity of the brand(s) in question.


Music Delivery:

Our Content Delivery team is on hand to assist our Content Creatives and customers alike and have created a system that makes the management of this music as efficient and easy-to-manage as possible. Our online music interface allows for changes in tempo, mood and feel relative to seasons, days of the week and even time of day. Likewise the hardware provided combines simplicity for the end-user with an advanced buffering system which allows for a reliable, uninterrupted online music stream direct to multiple locations as per the client’s requirements.


Public Performance License:

The Groove-Master Licensing and Publishing team will ensure that all music selected by our Content Creation team is covered under a blank license which grants us access to over 1 million songs from all major and independent labels. Our association with collection societies,  ensures that public performance royalties are paid to the publishers, ensuring that the artists are getting their rewards for producing their music.