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Groove Master is a Dubai Based Media nad Technology company with offices in Middle East, North Africa, USA and France providing interactive streaming solutions with and innovative approach to technlogy and sound branding.

The general idea is to use sound intentionaly on order to create a link between consumers and brands as oppose to using sound as design element or a complimentary medi. It's about branding using sound to postion themselces clearly and steer perception.

The Technology developed by Groove Master is equipped with all the functions and features that enable and help brands rech the highest level of engagement with costumers and provide them with the best brand experience.

  • Vision : To Empower brands with an innovative technology and help maximise their reach to achieve the highest level of affiliation and brand exeperience.
  • Mission: To be a global industry leader and create a healthy landscape and a link between brands and consumers.
  • Values : Being Ethical and always respect and support intellectual property rights.


B2B Music Streaming

The GM content creation Team compiles tailor-amde music playlits based on the fundamental charactersitics and image of the brand and its location,we analyse the demographic and base our song selections on its results.

Content Management

The GM content delivery team is on hand to assist our content creatives and customers alike and have created a system that makes the management of this music as efficient and easy to manage as possible.

Music Consulting

With an increased awareness of Intellectual Property Rights in both the public and private sectors across the MENA region, Groove Master are perfectly placed to consult on all matters relating to licensing.

Digital Distribution

We distribute any content to any leading digital music services across the globe and promote our client's releases.

Content Filtering

Groove Master provides services to verify that the contents complies with the country's legal and cultural standards.

Live Entertainment

Groove Master has a wide database of music performers, both regional and international covering all musical genres.

Why choose us?

Groove Master is a revolutionary concept that provides businesses with customs designed music playlits based on their brand identity, demographic and consumer profile trends.


A Team of individuals who are passionate, experienced and well-versed in the music. The Musical Knowledge that comes from living, breathing and thinking is a valuable and marketable entity that our end-users willl be very keen to draw upon.


Finding the right music for a specific environment can often be a daunting and exhaustive task. Our system relieves our client of the complexities of music licensing and provides the necessary hardware and software to deliver it to them.


Being an expert in the music, licensing and technological fields allow us to make realistic and manageable promises, reassuring our clients as a consequence. Our Music is fully licensed with the legal property rights of the major record labels.


Groove Master is the first legal B2B music streaming service in the MENA region. we are working side by side with labels, Publishers and the appropriate international and local government bodies non-profit entities and associations to support "Public Performance Rights" and make music much more accessible and affordable in the UAE and throughout the MENA region.

With a combined experience of over 15 years, both regionally and internationally, our areas of expertise include music licensing and publishing, digital data management, music programming and streaming; in short, all of the tools required to deliver bespoke ethical and affordable solutions to our clients.

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